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It sounds a little silly, of course you are going to open your eyes. How else would you function and get around. Things though aren’t quite that simple, there is seeing and then there is observing. How tuned in are you to the people around you? Now that folks are getting back to the office, 2-3-4 + days a week, we are back to actively interacting with our co-workers, our bosses, other peoples bosses and so on, and so on.

Not only are we observing them for smiles and frowns and curious looks, but they are also observing us for the same things. How engaged do we appeared to be in the face-to-face meetings we are now attending. Yes, are faces were visible and even sometimes amplified in the Zoom or Teams meetings we were attending, but we could turn them off when the camera went off.

Now we are visible and we need to engage and look engaged.

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